November 3, 2011

halloweekend fun.

  For this Halloween, Jason and I dressed up as characters from one of our favorite films The Life Aquatic. Making the “Team Zissou” outfit was especially fun because we had to get super creative in making it in a cost effective way. We bought most of the items from thrift stores and dollar stores locally and altered them slightly to be in line with our costume.
The pants and shirts were easy enough to find. I glued blue ribbon on the sleeves of the t-shirts and the sides of our pants to give better detail to the costume. I also cutout white, royal blue, and yellow felt to make the official Zissou patch. Jason spray painted purple toy guns black to look like glock pistols. We used baby socks as holsters and a dog collar as a strap for the guns to hold around our thighs. And then we capped off our uniform (no pun intended) with red beanies.
Zissou Pathch
Glock in a sock :)
Friday night I was busy participating in a surprise birthday party for my friend Brooke while Jason was working at his new job at Melaleuca! I’m so proud of him! Anyway, our party was SO fun! Brooke had no idea. I’m only disappointed that she didn’t cry, but we still had a fabulous time at Red Robin.
We were so nervous for Brooke to come
She was so surprised!
Cake :)
Oh the things you must do on your Bday
The gang (minus Jason)
After that party, Brooke, Betsy, Laura, and I got ready for a Halloween party/dance. I felt silly because they looked cute, and I looked more like a boy, but I was still proud of what I created. We went to a dance in the basement of a building. . . already it doesn’t sound like a good idea. It was so hot and crowded with a ton of people. A little while after Jason got to the dance, the fire department came and said that they had to count how many people were there to see how many more they could let in . . . so we left. It was still pretty fun.
Laura, Me, Betsy, Brooke
The rest of the weekend Jason and I wore our “Team Zissou” outfits with pride even though not a single person in Rexburg knew who we were dressed up as. It was satisfying giving people confusing looks though.

Yeah, we went to the park and took pictures
Saturday, I made Halloween sugar cookies with the stuff that Jason’s mom sent us! It was a lot of fun to make, even though I gave away more than I ate. I also made pumpkin muffins a few days before that were delish! Even though we didn’t do a lot for Halloween per se, we still got into the holiday spirit! 

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