November 28, 2011


Because our school decided to cut Thanksgiving break short, Jason and I stayed in Rexburg for the weekend. Wednesday night we went with David and Melissa to see Breaking Dawn. I know, I know, but once you’ve seen one – you have to see them all (I also had an extra incentive in reading all the books). I of course, wore my Twilight shirt that I bought for the very first movie. This is a shirt that I have promised myself that I would only wear to each movie and get rid of once I have seen the last one. I liked the movie; however, I was a little unprepared for the gruesomeness depicted in some parts of the movie and I hope delivering a vampire baby is nowhere close to delivering a baby, baby.

For Thanksgiving Day, David and Melissa invited us over to have dinner with them. If it weren’t for them, honestly we probably would have eaten at Applebees. Both David and Melissa are great cooks so I was pretty excited to eat what they had prepared. Little ol’ me made only one thing – the green bean casserole. Hey, in my defense the Berg’s love cooking and that’s all they asked me to make. I enjoyed watching them cook and learning from them, although I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to make David’s lemon meringue pie.

He's cute :) p.s I picked out his outfit 

The Bergs hard at work
My green bean casserole :) P.S even Jason liked it!!
David injecting the Turkey with its juices
While we were waiting for our turkey and side dishes to be done, we watched Super 8 (I highly recommend) and Eat, Pray, Love (better than I thought, but what Jason and I enjoyed was the traveling – obviously). When everything was ready and the table was set we said a quick thankful prayer and dug in. It’s such a shame how long and how much effort it takes to make a huge meal and how quick and effortless it is to eat it all up. Everything was delicious, especially for our (their) first time making Thanksgiving dinner.

This arrangement was only for the picture haha Jase and I actually sat next to each other
Friday Jason and I went bowling at Teton Lanes in Rexburg. The first game . . . was just a warm up. At the end of the second game, Jason beat me by only 10 with a score of 124.

He's strange
Didn't realize my ball matched my shirt

Jaysexy and Dani California
Saturday Jay and I drove to Ashton which is about 45 minutes away from Rexburg. We went to Frostop; for their amazing root beer floats and French fries (and fry sauce!) After, we attempted to drive to Mesa Falls – not knowing that it had snowed there way more than in Rexburg and the roads were kind of scary to drive on. When we were a quarter mile from the falls, we reached a sign that said the roads were not maintained from that point on . . . bummer. We had no choice but to turn around. It was okay though because the drive and sunset were gorgeous.

Best Root Beer Float!
These fries are to die for

Giant Revolving Root Beer

Warm River
Overall, our week was very laid back, but we both got our much needed time to catch up on things including our sleep.

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