November 27, 2010

balloons and shiny things.

Getting ready to float
     I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, but I didn’t want to just start randomly in the middle of my college years; however, I just became engaged to be married and I thought this would be the perfect time considering this is sort of the beginning of my new life. It’s almost as if life up until this point was just training for what's to come. To introduce myself, my name is Danielle Garber (soon to be Danielle Cowles) and I am from White Lake, Michigan. Right now, I am attending Brigham Young University–Idaho and majoring in Elementary Education. My fiancĂ© (wow, that’s weird to say) is Jason and he is from Lake Forest, California. His major is English with a French minor and he's hoping to go to grad school for International Law or International Relations. 
Our trip to Salt Lake City
     Jason and I met at college through friends and roommates in September of 2009. Not much of a story there, but one we didn’t expect to have such a great ending. I’ve always been pretty shy, so our relationship started off slow, but I gradually became more comfortable around Jason and we became “official” on December 30, 2009 (sometimes we say we started dating in October because, technically, we did). Each day, as the semester went on, I fell more and more in love with Jason. Unfortunately, when the winter semester was over, it was time for me to go home for the summer while Jason continued going to school. The summer break for me was from April until September and Jason and I talked and decided to give long-distance a try. This attempt started off very difficultly as Jason left for Europe for a month to study abroad in Ireland, England, Wales, and France. I cried myself to sleep some nights only to be comforted by his sweet postcards that I waited for each day by the mailbox. After a long six months and a visit to the Cowles' home in California just before school started, somehow our relationship and friendship grew greatly and we are now back at school in Idaho.
Away we go
Now to bring you up to date, during our Thanksgiving break, we took a trip to California and during this time Jason had a little surprise in store. On Monday November 22, 2010, Jason and I went on a hot air balloon ride over Del Mar! To tell you the truth, ballooning was one thing I vowed I would never even consider doing, yet Jason makes me feel like I can literally do anything. Anyway, during this time the thought crosses my mind that it’s possible that Jason is going to propose to me today, but I got mad at myself because one of two things could happen. (1) I could ruin the surprise or (2) I could be very disappointed if it doesn’t happen. So I let it go. 
Gorgeous views
     After our amazing, peaceful balloon ride, Jason and I drove to the San Diego temple which I haven’t seen since my brother’s wedding about nine years ago. While we are there, we took a walk and talked about things involving our future; by this time my mind is back on, “Is it going to be tonight?!” I know something is up when Jason starts stating all of the reasons why he loves me. Then, he gets down on one knee and says, “Danie Garber, will you marry me?” Eeep! Obviously I say "Yes!" and give him a huge hug and start sobbing (which didn’t last long, I think my emotions were just really screwed up by this point). 
Moments after the engagement
     Since that moment, I have felt so much more in love than every before. I look at Jason differently and I feel different around him now. I don't really know how to explain it. Oh, by the way, Jase and I had talked about getting married way before this time and I even helped pick out the ring. He just likes to throw me off and say that we were going to get engagedin January. I hope you enjoy reading about our many adventures
He liked it, so he put a ring on it