November 1, 2013

no tricks, just treats.

      My favorite Fall tradition is finding a local pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin to take home to decorate or carve. This year we found a place only 30 minutes away called Harvest Moon. This place was packed with people, food, apple trees, pumpkins and other squash-like vegetables.
     We went immediately to the pumpkins to choose the perfect shape, color, and size of the pumpkin that we wanted to carve. After a little while, we finally went with an already painted pumpkin with the hopes of being able to scrub off the paint because it was cheaper and had a perfect front fro carving. This year I went a different way and picked out a small white pumpkin,  don’t worry, I had a creative plan.
Searching for the perfect pumpkin
Jason's goofy pumpkin before we destroyed its face
My white pumpkin, Jason didn't understand why I wanted it
     After feeling totally satisfied with our picks, we completed the next step of my favorite tradition: drinking hot apple cider and eating cinnamon and sugar donuts. This season, while everyone else gets their pumpkin-spiced latt├ęs or whatever, I will always love my hot cider more.
These donuts were so fresh!
Mmm... warms my insides
     We did a little more walking around and went across the street to what we thought was a sister-farm to Harvest Moon, oddly called Outhouse Orchard. The name of the patch wasn’t the only thing that we had a laugh about. This place just wasn’t up to par with the other patch and the most ridiculous part of it all was that there were signs everywhere to warn people that there was poison ivy around the trunks of the apple trees, which was probably the main reason why there were very few people there.
     One of Jason’s favorite Fall traditions is dressing up for Halloween. I have never been a huge fan of Halloween in general because I’m never satisfied with a costume or I feel ridiculous, I’m not a big candy person, and I HATE the “thriller” side of Halloween. Anyway, I think Jason found his love of dressing up and becoming another character while acting when he was younger. So each year, he gets all excited about deciding what to be and how to put it all together.
     This year we decided we wanted to be something that people would actually recognize. So, we decided to be Gru and his minion Tim from the movie Despicable Me. I just wish we realized sooner that not only would people easily recognize who we were, but a million other people had the same idea. It was still fun to put our outfits together and even more fun to each make a prop to go with the outfits, especially Gru's "dart gun". 
No words. . .
We had too much fun
Jason spent hours on that supposed "dart" gun
I had fun creating all of the pieces to my outfit
Skin color is the hardest to match with makeup!
Gru and Minion Tim
Best buddies
    On Halloween evening, while everyone else was Trick or Treating, we finally took the time to decorate our pumpkins. Unfortunately, Jason didn't have time this year to get creative with his jack-o-lantern template, so we got one of those books for ideas with all the tools for carving pumpkins. He decided on a design that we hadn't seen before called the invisible man. This one was a bit tricky, but with time and a little detail work from me, I think Jason pulled it off.
Just starting to open the pumpkin
Leave the pumpkin guts to me!
In. The. Zone.
     I did something completely different with my pumpkin with a little help from good ol' Pinterest. I'm a girl that likes sparkles, so I decided to cover my pumpkin in them. I covered the bottom half of my white pumpkin in mod podge using a sponge brush, then I sprinkled my gold sparkles all over where I had just put the mod podge. I flipped the entire pumpkin over so I could easily sprinkle it on and I had a large open box to catch all the excess sparkles. After letting it dry for a little while, I spread another thin coat of mod podge on top of the sparkles so they wouldn't get all over the place. I think it turned out pretty cute!
Mod Podging
Don't miss a spot
Oh yes, my favorite part
Revealing the final product. . .
     This Halloween was such a great success compared to last year. I'm so happy that this holiday wasn't ruined by a stupid hurricane so that all the little kids could go out and get candy. Funny thing for us, we didn't get ANY Trick or Treaters because our house is on such a huge hill, but we didn't mind not being bothered to enjoy an evening with our pumpkins and watching Ghostbusters.
Dunking like Kobe
I don't think I can get rid of this beautiful pumpkin
The invisible man
Happy halloween!