February 16, 2011

future eyes and cut-out hearts.

Underneath one of the antler arches
     Throughout grade school, Valentine’s Day was almost depressing. It was a day that came every year and each time reminding me that I was alone. Girls around me would have their lockers full of candy, balloons, hearts, stuffed-animal bears, and I just had to be happy for them. No one had ever asked me: “Be My Valentine.” This all changed for me on Valentine’s Day of 2010; the day I was sure that I had fallen in love. This is when I found out that when Jason does something nice, he goes all out (hence, the hot air balloon ride on our engagement day) and doesn't disappoint.
A surprise breakfast
     The day started early with a knock on the door and a single white rose. We went to Jason’s apartment lounge where we made breakfast together, which was my first time cooking a meal with a boy, so it was pretty exciting. Our adventure continued with a two and a half hour drive to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with our friends Rex and Jessica where we went on a horse-drawn sleigh ride to see Elk! Amazing. We also toured the city of Jackson Hole and went into shops with beautiful paintings and sculptures of the surrounding wildlife. Jackson Hole is well-known for its antler arches that we took pictures under.
I've never seen so much elk
We love Jackson Hole
     When we returned to Rexburg, Jason and I split from our friends to go to this extravagant restaurant he had heard of, but on our way there, he realized that he left his wallet at home. So we drove back and went inside to find it, but what I found wasn’t a wallet at all, it was a candle-lit dinner in the middle of his living room just for me! Yes, I picked a good one. I was blown away. After being served bowtie pasta by friends, listening and slow dancing to the Valentine's Day mix Jason made, and exchanging cards I couldn’t help but wonder: “Why on earth would anyone do all of this just for me?” That’s when I looked at Jason with love in my eyes and joy in my heart. I was in love. I just couldn’t believe he had put so much thought into a perfect Valentine’s Day.
A romantic dinner for two
     For dinner, Jase and I went to Texas Roadhouse. Warning: only go there if you’re extremely hungry! They bring you this amazing bread with cinnamon butter, and Jason and I just had to get their cheese fries because they're amazing! Each meal comes with TWO  sides and TOO much food, but still incredible. Jason and I exchanged our valentines in the car while we were waiting for our table. Jason’s was SO cute. He actually got construction paper and markers and made this adorable heart-shaped valentine. He even color coordinated. The night before, I was in a really fun mood and I went out with Brooke and picked out a cute balloon for Jason. It was in the shape of a freckled bug that said Love Bug on it. I was hoping Jason wouldn’t be home, (which I don’t know why he wouldn’t be) but when I peeked inside his apartment, Jason was sitting at the kitchen table making my valentine. I said, “Oh! Uhhh...t’s okay... I just...here! Okay, bye!” I threw the balloon inside and ran away. It was fun and I think Jason liked my choice of balloon.
Valentines Day 2011
     As far as school goes, it’s definitely keeping me busy. I’m sorry to say that there are days when I don’t have free time to just relax with Jason. It’s pretty tough. Jason has been spending his free time studying and practicing for his LSAT or GRE that he will take in the Fall. I’m so proud of him for taking it so seriously. Recently, I was accepted into the Fast-Grad program at BYU-I which means I will be attending school year-round with only a 6 week break‒ just enough time to get married. Haha. I’m ready for the challenge.