March 23, 2011

smelly cheese and chocolate dreams.

Ingredients for a delicious meal of raclette and crepes
     On Monday March 21, Jason and I made the most delectable Dinner! Ever since his mission to Geneva, Switzerland, Jason has a love of cheese. So naturally, he's been craving some of the Swiss and French cheese he was use to eating on his mission: and not just any cheese- gourmet cheese: and not just any gourmet cheese- Raclette.

     Now, apparently you're supposed to melt it on a raclette grill, but obviously we didn't have one of those. So, we improvised and melted it in a pot on the stove. The only bad thing was that we kept having to heat it up. Anyway, while I was grating and melting the Raclette, which smelled horrible by the way, Jason made chocolate crepes. Mmm...oh yes, we are very cultured (I won't mention that I put way too much vanilla extract in our crepes).Once our cheese was melted into a really nasty consistency, our potatoes were baked to perfection, and our crepes were, well, crepes, we were ready to eat! 
Cooking together in the kitchen
     We put our LUMP of Raclette on our plates and I put just a little bit of it on my baked potato and I absolutely loved it! It was so good! Let me tell you, looks (and smells can be awfully deceiving.We had to wash it down with hot raspberry herbal tea because apparently, if you drink something cold with it the cheese hardens into a ball in your stomach making it difficult to digest. 

     Our crepes weren't the best, (we'll just blame the vanilla overload) but they were still good and especially with none other than Nutella on them! It was so much fun cooking with Jason! I look forward to doing it in the future.
Anything with Nutella is amazing

March 21, 2011

michigan tour guide.

Geek squad: Jason just got reading glasses
     These next 5 months are going to be pretty difficult and they’re going to feel a lot like last summer, just in a different way. As you know, last summer while Jason was still in school at BYU-I, I was back home in Michigan. Although I had amazing friends to keep me happy, it just wasn’t the same without Jason. Idaho was my new home and that’s where I wanted to be. This summer I will be staying in Idaho, but I feel like it’s not going to be as good as I hoped it would be. This will probably feel like the longest semester of my life because while I am pushing through another four months of school, I will be waiting patiently to be married to Jason. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind waiting! I never thought I would hate saying “goodnight” to someone so much. I just hate having to leave him every night when I’d rather fall asleep in his arms.

     Luckily, in between this semester and the next, I will finally be bringing Jason home with me to Michigan! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to show him where I grew up, to have him meet the people that mean the most to me, to spend time with my parents and Jason together, and to show him that Michigan is not so terrible of a place. Of course, I may have to get out of White Lake to do that. I’m excited to play tour guide!

     Here’s an update on us: a couple weeks ago, Jason and I finally took our engagement pictures! Although it was really windy and my toes were freezing because I wore sandals,
we had so much fun taking the pictures. I promise to get a couple on here as soon as I can.
Recently, we’ve been looking for an apartment to stay in starting next fall. After finding one that met our needs this past weekend, we signed the contract and made the deposit for our future home! We’re pretty excited. The apartment is brand new and is actually still being built; however, we’ve seen what it’s going to look like and we like it a lot. It will be quite small, but with only two of us, how much room will we need? The upside is the apartment will be furnished. I’m so excited for our first home!

     Jason and I also finally picked a destination for our honeymoon in August. We decided to go to Hawaii! It was a tough decision, but we decided it would be best. We really like to have adventures and we just didn’t feel like other places had the opportunities we were looking for (and Europe was too expensive haha). Having been to Hawaii 3 times, I’m really looking forward to going back and showing Jason everything like it’s my second home.