October 31, 2011

perfect day for a picnic.

     Again, for the sake of running out of days before it becomes a winter wonderland here in Rexburg, we took advantage of a nice day and went on a picnic. We invited our friends Rex and Jessica and drove to Idaho Falls to eat on the foothills of the giant wind turbines. Before we left, Jason and I made amazing sandwiches with French bread, Swiss and Emmental cheeses, butter, and freshly cut honey ham. We were worried that we might be trespassing, but we walked up a steep hill anyway, found somewhat of a flat spot in the tall, golden grass and ate our lunches. It was a perfect day for a picnic with a beautiful view and the silent hum of turbine blades making electricity.

He's Cute
Rex and Jessica

Our Food!
Wind Turbine!

October 26, 2011

pumpkin traditions.

Jason and I have been determined to make this Halloween season more special since we’re now married and can start fun family traditions. We drove to Idaho Falls with the intention of finding a pumpkin patch to buy giant pumpkins for carving. We found a red bard standing in the middle of several pumpkin fields. The barn was called U-Pick Red Barn. We got a wagon at the front of the barn as some of the employees directed us to the backfield where the biggest pumpkins were grown. I’ve never seen so many pumpkins of different shapes and sizes. It was cool to see some of them still attached to their vine.

Jason and I easily took 30 minutes walking through the orange fields trying to locate the biggest pumpkin with a smooth surface for carving. We finally chose two that Jason carried yards away back to our wagon – we also chose two smaller pumpkins for decorations in our apartment. After paying for our pumpkins (4 for $20), we got our picture taken with the hay and the pumpkins.
These pumpkins were SO heavy!
So strong!
Later that night, we cleared our kitchen table and completely gutted our pumpkins. It took us a while to decide what we wanted to carve on our pumpkins. Eventually, I decided on Perry the Platypus and Jason decided on the Road Runner. We printed out the stencil of each and taped them to our pumpkins. We then took push pins to trace which lines needed to be cut and then started carving!
Our Outlines
While we were working hard to get our designs perfect, I made roasted pumpkin seeds. They weren’t the best, but they were fun to nibble on while we continued working. After two hours, we finally finished our pumpkins! We were pretty proud of our creations. We lit the pumpkins late that night – even though no one would see them until the next day. 

October 24, 2011

A Grand Hike and Hidden Falls

Winter is ­­getting closer and with already having our first snowfall, we have to make good use of the “nice” days here in Rexburg. A few weekends ago Jason and I went with our friends Rex and Jessica to Grand Teton National Park in Jackson, Wyoming.

We left pretty early in the morning, eating breakfast burritos and smoothies along the way. Just after the sunrise, we arrived in Jackson and pulled up to a river where we could see the reflection of the Teton Mountains in the water.  It was absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful.
After taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, we drove to Jenny Lake where we began our hike to Hidden Falls (I guess Jason and I have a thing for waterfalls). We actually planned on taking a ferry across the lake to cut our hike in half, but of course, the boats had stopped going the day before. So we had to hike the whole way – all 2.5 miles of it. The hike was kind of long, especially because a lot of it was uphill, but it was probably the prettiest hike I've ever been on. The leaves were still changing colors and the lake was beautiful.
Filling up 
What a let down!
Jessica and I during the Hike
On our way to the falls, I told Jason to take a picture of me in front of my favorite tree with bright yellow leaves. Just after the picture, I felt a pinch on my arm and I looked down and saw this HUGE BEE!! I screamed and flung my arm around and yes, I cried. It was my first time being stung and it felt horrible! I was not a happy hiker. Luckily, the stinger didn’t get stuck in my skin and I wasn’t allergic. It was just so frustrating because I was avoiding every bee I saw along my path and then when I was just standing still, one got me – probably because I was wearing my pink shirt, mistaken for a flower. Side note: when I was looking at my pictures a few days later, I saw the actual bee on my shirt!!!
It's hard to see, but the bee is the black spot under the "i" on my shirt.
Other than that wonderful event, it was a great hike. Hidden Falls was amazing once we finally reached it. You could only get so close, but the view was incredible.
Hidden Falls - Photo Credit: Rex Warner
Rex, Jessica, Danielle, Jason
Me and Jase
Back in Jackson, we went to Bubba’s Bar-B-Que place and ate ribs, pulled pork, and chicken. The waitress was especially generous in refilling Jason’s favorite drink – a Roy Roger’s. When I go somewhere new, I like to go to restaurants that you can only find in that town – somewhere new. We also walked around the town a little bit. I’ve been there at least 3 times now, but I still love going to the fun shops. 
One of our fun findings in Jackson,

October 18, 2011

Our Humble Abode

It’s weird feeling like I’m all grown up especially since Jason and I have our own apartment. No more rushing home in Jason’s car to make it back for curfew – now we can spend more time together sleeping and waking up in the same place. Coming back to Rexburg, we had so much fun spending two full days of unpacking and exchanging gift cards at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target for furniture and a few needed items for our home. It’s also weird that Rexburg isn’t just a place where I go to school and Jason and I first met – it’s our home. Our apartment is small and comfortable with a view overlooking train tracks where a cargo train will greet us twice a day. As far as how the actual apartment looks – I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I literally made Jason wait to open the door until I got my camera out. 
Kitchen (Yes, the table is midway between the living room and kitchen)
Living Room
Hallway to the bedroom 
Living Room
Bedroom (Finally found a bedspread we LOVE)
Bookshelf in bedroom assembled by Jason himself
Bathroom (weird angle, but I wanted to show the lovely curtain and red accents)
I’ve also been cooking for myself and Jason. It has been fun, but it’s time consuming so I can only make a “nice meal” once or twice a week. The good news is there are always leftovers. The bad news is there are always leftovers. Anyway, Jason says I’m “a great cook” and that’s all that matters right?
Lasagna (thanks to the recipe on the back of the noodle box and mom's tips)

Shake n' Bake and Rice o' Roni (Love our plates!)