March 23, 2011

smelly cheese and chocolate dreams.

Ingredients for a delicious meal of raclette and crepes
     On Monday March 21, Jason and I made the most delectable Dinner! Ever since his mission to Geneva, Switzerland, Jason has a love of cheese. So naturally, he's been craving some of the Swiss and French cheese he was use to eating on his mission: and not just any cheese- gourmet cheese: and not just any gourmet cheese- Raclette.

     Now, apparently you're supposed to melt it on a raclette grill, but obviously we didn't have one of those. So, we improvised and melted it in a pot on the stove. The only bad thing was that we kept having to heat it up. Anyway, while I was grating and melting the Raclette, which smelled horrible by the way, Jason made chocolate crepes. Mmm...oh yes, we are very cultured (I won't mention that I put way too much vanilla extract in our crepes).Once our cheese was melted into a really nasty consistency, our potatoes were baked to perfection, and our crepes were, well, crepes, we were ready to eat! 
Cooking together in the kitchen
     We put our LUMP of Raclette on our plates and I put just a little bit of it on my baked potato and I absolutely loved it! It was so good! Let me tell you, looks (and smells can be awfully deceiving.We had to wash it down with hot raspberry herbal tea because apparently, if you drink something cold with it the cheese hardens into a ball in your stomach making it difficult to digest. 

     Our crepes weren't the best, (we'll just blame the vanilla overload) but they were still good and especially with none other than Nutella on them! It was so much fun cooking with Jason! I look forward to doing it in the future.
Anything with Nutella is amazing


Jason said...

This was so much are such a good cook honey! Just remember: the smellier a cheese the better it tastes.

Jill said...

WE LOVE RACLETTE!! Brad also served his mission in Switzerland (he was in the Zurich mission), and that's where he fell in love with raclette. But, we weren't as brave as you, so I didn't try it until about a year ago when we were in Switzerland. It is awesome! I know it sounds weird, but we like it with pickles and those baby corn cobs, too. We actually like it so much that we bought a raclette grill and we have it about once a month now. I'm glad to know you can get the cheese in the U.S.A. - where did you find it?

PS - Switzerland missionaries are the best ones. Well done.

Danielle Garber said...

@ Jason, mmm... cheese. It was fun!
@ Sister Bitner, haha Jason was telling me that people eat it with pickles. I still can't grasp that idea. Jason wanted us to register for a raclette grill, but the two places that we registered didnt have one. We found the cheese at a grocery store over here in Idaho called Broulims. And yes! Switzerland missionaries are the best! Mine speaks French though as opposed to your German.They both Rock!!

MAMA T said...

My husband and I were sealed in the Bern Swiss temple and we had raclette as our dinner that night so I always get it when I can to remind me of that special day. It is smelly but oh so good. You should have it with pickles. The crunch and sour taste add to the cheese.

Brooke Koster said...

I LOVE raclette. I'm glad you guys know what to do so now I can come over and eat it with you in your new apartment.

Shane said...

This is my first blog comment here goes nothing. Hopefully it will be a good one. ;-)
I am not sure I love raclette yet *(but sounds interesting), however I do know I love my lil sis and I am so proud of her and the choices she makes. :-)
Wishing you all the happiness in your life w/ Jason,
-big bro

Danielle Garber said...

Thanks Shane :)I love you too!