April 4, 2011

snowmobiling grand teton.

"beeling" somewhere in Grand Teton NP
     On March 29, 2011 Jason celebrated his 24th birthday. This year we really wanted to do something fun. On the Saturday before his birthday, (not quite his birthday) Jason and I woke up bright and early and drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to go snowmobiling! 
We were both super excited and somewhat nervous. Our first stop was to bundle up and put on these huge suits and helmets to keep us warm. Jason said he felt like an astrnaut getting ready to fly to the moon, but I kept admiring how much I looked like Speed Racer in my nifty helmet.
"Go speed Racer Go!"
     Snowmobiling was so much fun. It wasn't as intricate as Jason and I had originally thought: you press a button to go and let off on the botton with your thumb when you need to stop. Our guide, Pup, led us on path that opened up to a field of snow that stretched for miles for us to play on. Jason wanted to see if he could get above 50 mph, so I took a break and made snow angles. Jason even gave me a chance to to drive. He claims that I was the better driver, but I won't say if I agree or disagree. We took just a short break for lunch at the Togwotee lodge and then got back on our "beels" (a nickname I came up with for our snowmobiles) and rode for a couple more hours.
"beelin" with my best friend
     Our scary moment of the trip was when everyone climbed up this huge hill, but becayse there were two of us on one snowmobile, it was a lot harder for us to get up. We tried FOUR times to get up this dumb thing until finally our guide came back and showed us where the not-so-steep part of the hill was to climb over. 
We got stuck in the snow
     Later on, our oh so smart guide took us off the trail and into the powder, which is difficult to drive on with the amount of weight between two people, and we all got stuck in the snow. When we finally dug and pulled ourselves out, we went 20 feet further and got stuck again. Although I was kind of frustrated, I couldn't help but laugh and Jason thought the whole thing was funny. It's hard to get mad when you look around at the snow falling and the pine trees and realize how beautiful the scene is you're riding through. Overall, our day was amazing and so much fun.

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