April 20, 2011

where the waves meet the shore.

Lake Huron
     On Wednesday, my parents went with us to East Tawas which isabout 2 ½ hours north of White Lake. My mom and dad have had property up there for about 10 years now, but never really did anything with it. As a family, we used to go up there every few summers and enjoy the little town and swimming in Lake Huron. Anyway, I wanted to show Jason a little bit of what Michigan is actually known for: the Great Lakes.
Playing around on the shore
     The first thing we did when we arrived was see the property. There’s not much to it, especially with a “For Sale” sign on it. We then walked from the property to the lake. Jason immediately took of his socks and shoes and ran to the little sand bar in the lake. I stayed back because it was still too cold for me. It was fun watching Jason parade around like a little boy and tempting me to come and join him. Jason and my dad also taught me how to skip rocks. I got the hang of it after getting some of the smoother stones to throw.
From there, we took Jase to see his first lighthouse: the Tawas Point Lighthouse! 
Tawas Point Lighthouse
     Unfortunately, it was too early in the year to actually go inside the lighthouse, but we were just fine taking pictures and watching the different types of birds fly in the area. For lunch, we went to G’s Pizza. It was delicious! We then walked down the street to go inside the few shops that were open. I didn’t realize how early in the season it was. I was kind of disappointed, but Jason said he had a lot of fun and that's all that matters. I was nervous about making Jason’s trip to Michigan something to remember because I knew it was no comparison to my visit to California.
G's Pizza
     Thursday was my wedding shower at my house. My mom was franticly running around like usual and Jason and I were helping out with what we could. Two of my favorite people from church, Jen and LeeAnne, helped plan an amazing shower! Not only did they bring the majority of the food, the decorations, put the favors together, and plan the games; they also calmed my nerves. If you didn’t know, I really don’t like being in the spotlight. I think that’s why I have always been called "soft- spoken."
East Tawas
     When the guests started to arrive, I wanted to be like Jason and run to my room and hide. The people I was most excited to see were my three best friends from high school: Jamie, Nicole, and Erica! We had a huge group hug and I basically started crying and my mom did too. Haha. They helped calm my nerves more than anyone else. After our guests ate, I opened my fantastic gifts. It was kind of awkward opening all those gifts in front of everyone. I kept telling them that because I was nervous about it being my wedding shower, I was pretending it was my birthday because, after all, my birthday was the next day. Afterword, we played the newlywed game which Jason had to guess answers to some of my favorite things. There were some hard questions, but Jason did a good job.

     After my party, Jason and I hung out with my three girlies at Drew’s (Jamie's boyfriend) house. We played games that I was horrible at (charades and Cranium or something) and went into the hot tub all while catching up with my best friends. When Jason wasn’t around, they all told me how much they liked him and that they were happy for me, which made me feel so good! It was so fun having my two worlds collide: Jason and my life in Michigan.


hardingms said...


This is such a cute blog! I am getting emotional reading it though thinking of how much my little sis has grown up. I am proud of you and the choices you are making.

Love, Sarah

Danielle Garber said...

Thanks Sarah :) I'm glad you like it.