April 20, 2011

jason meets the ford museum.

The Ford Museum
     Jason finally came home with me to Michigan. I tried to show Jason the different parts of what Michigan is all about without boring him to death. I think the only thing I would’ve changed was the time of year. Nothing beats the changing of the leaves in the Fall, but at least it was somewhat sunny most of the week.

     We started the adventures very slowly by just taking it easy on the first day in Michigan. I took Jason to the Detroit Temple to show him where we will be getting married. It was a little smaller than he thought, but he absolutely loved the white, marble spires. It had been a while since I had been there myself, so I enjoyed seeing Jason's reaction. It's nice to finally imagine where we'll be getting married. We continued our casual day by going to Summerset Mall and afterward I showed Jason where I went to high school and grew to be half the person I am today (the other half being at BYU-I with him). It was a very laid-back day, but trust me, after the long day of travel, that’s about all we could handle.
Kennedy's Car
     On Tuesday, I drove Jason to the Henry Ford Museum. I thought he might enjoy getting to know the history of Michigan a little bit. I also hadn’t been there since the fifth grade, so I was looking forward to going. I’m pretty sure Jason loved that place the moment he walked inside and saw a replica of the limousine that John F. Kennedy was assasinated in and the actual bus that Rosa Parks boycotted Jim Crow Laws. I was really happy he enjoyed it so much. 
Rosa Parks Bus
     I really liked the trains. I can never believe how HUGE they are and how they got them to fit into the building. It’s interesting to see how transportation that has changed and evolved over the years. Jason’s favorite exhibit featured the Model-T “exploded” so that all the parts of the car were suspended in the air.  It was cute how much time he spent looking at it. We were able to role play with an assembly line; I cranked the line as he put together a wooden Model-T, but I had to slow it down for Jason a lot.
The Weinner Mobile!
     We both liked the airplane exhibits. Did you know that Henry Ford imagined everyone having their personal airplane to fly around in? However, he could never bring the cost down enough to make it affordable. Could you imagine? Anyway, I enjoyed reading the requirements of the first flight attendants and comparing them to my mom who is a flight attendant. Maybe that’s why she is always so proper. Jason and I also loved the Wienner Mobile and buying our weenie whistles at the souvenir shop.

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