April 14, 2014

Ice-Skating on Jason's 27th

    After a lot of contemplation and bouts of frustration from rainy weather forecasts, Jason insisted that we must do something for his 27th birthday. I couldn’t disagree and I think that everyone should be allowed to do something fun on your special day. Since everywhere around us was experiencing the same rain as New York, we just decided to go into the city and check something off of our bucket list: ice-skate the Rink at Rockefeller Center.
We made it to the Rockefeller Rink
    Jason has been dying to go ice-skating in the city, especially at the Rock. The last few times we planned on going ice-skating in the city, something has always stopped us from going and Jason expected the same thing to happen on his birthday because of the rainy weather. Much to his chagrin, the Rink at Rockefeller was open with only a handful of people ice-skating. We didn’t have to wait in a long line and immediately strapped on our skates and slowly slipped onto the ice.
Almost falling
Ice-skating in a raincoat is the only way to ice-skate
    I can’t even remember the last time I went ice-skating, but I can assure you it was kind of embarrassing needing the supervising ice rink guy to help me on. We held the guardrail a bit before we both got the hang of balancing ourselves and were able to glide around and around the circle with ease. It was fun being in the center of Rockefeller Plaza in an ice rink that we’ve often walked by and watched people ice-skate. I wanted so badly to be like the figure skaters we watched at the Sochi Winter Olympics and try to skate backward to set up a triple axel, but there were too many people around to try. After a while, Jason decided he did what he came to do and that he was ready to rest his aching feet.

    We walked around the NBC store inside the Rockefeller and laughed at the television paraphernalia of our favorite shows. Then headed to Potbelly for sandwiches and La Masion du chocolat for some dessert. We ate chocolate éclairs for then and bought macaroons for later.
Some birthday deliciousness

    We finally decided to get out of the rain and go home. Later that night, we went to the Cheesecake Factory and ended the night with a cake, decorated by moi, and opening presents. I’m so happy that Jason considers his 27th to be one of his favorite birthdays because it sets the bar higher for him to make my 23rd birthday (April 15) extra special.

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