April 2, 2014

new croton dam

     When I came home from a long day of work on a Saturday, Jason was just dying to get out of the house and have an adventure. We decided to drive 45 minutes to Cortlandt to visit the New Croton Dam. I didn’t really know what to expect from this place; I mean, it’s just a dam right?
The first sunny day in a longtime
Watching ducks walk on the ice
     When we arrived at the beginning of the bridge, you couldn’t see much past it, but you could certainly hear a waterfall. We didn’t realize until we started walking on the bridge that we were actually on the dam. It was a very beautiful scene to look at the waterside of the bridge because most of the water in the reservoir was still frozen from the winter. 
Ducks and geese gathering on the edge of the ice
Man-made waterfall from the spillway
Trying not to blink in the sun
     Closer to the spillway, ducks and geese gathered on the end of the ice to watch the water fall 297 feet below. We also had fun watching the geese play chicken to see who could float closest to the edge of the spillway before flipping their feet really fast to get out of the water before barreling down the falls. Our eyes popped when we looked straight down the spillway and saw a flipped rowboat on a flat space in the dam. We hoped that it was just a boat that got loose and not a romantic paddle gone wrong.
I don't want to know what's under the rowboat
In a pensive mood 
New Croton Dam 
New Croton Dam
Such a beautiful sight
New Croton Reservoir
     Going to the New Croton Dam was the perfect trip to get out us of the house and make us feel like spring was on its way.
Jason has a death wish to see what's over the edge
All 297 feet of it
We need more beautiful days like this in New York

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