October 29, 2012

pumpkin art project.

The whole gang
     In celebration of fall, we took a trip to Yorktown Heights to a cider mill. We went with our friends Kim and Ryan and another couple, Mark and Kaitlyn. It was such a beautiful day – the sun was shining, the leaves were changing colors, and the bees were buzzing. Actually, the bees were taking a swim in our apple cider.
Ripe and ready to have fun
Our bee friend takin a sip dip
     One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to get cider and doughnuts. And if you try to give them to me any other time during the year, it’s simply not the same. We, of course, had to buy some apple cider to take home with us.
Cider and donuts
     After roaming around a little, we walked to the pumpkin patch. The pumpkins were a little picked over and those that were left were mostly squished, rotting, completely broken, or all of the above. We ended up just getting two smaller pumpkins to use to decorate our house.
Choosing pumpkins
The girls
The smaller pumpkins won 
     We had a lot of fun hanging out with Ryan and Kim again and getting to know Mark and Kaitlyn. Now, Jason and I are looking forward to decorating our pumpkins. . .

      Jason and I tried something different this year with our pumpkins inspired by Pinterest. Using a lighter, we melted a pack of crayons all over our pumpkins. After taking off the crayon wrappers and breaking each crayon in half, Jason and I used two different methods. While Jason laid his crayons on top and melted the ends so the colors would crawl down the sides of the pumpkin, I held the melting crayons over the pumpkin and let the colors drip. Two hours and three lighters later, we finished and were very happy with the results. We both enjoyed straying from the traditional carving of the jack-o-lantern, even if it looks like a child did it.
He takes his work very seriously

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