October 12, 2012

falling for connecticut.

Kent Falls State Park
     One of the benefits of living in Westchester, New York is that we have easy access to the city, but we live far enough away to live a fairly normal suburban life. Last Saturday, instead of going to New York City we decided to drive up to Connecticut and see some of the country. The drive was beautiful: leaves of different colors falling all around us on winding roads and every few miles we’d pass another pumpkin patch. It definitely put us in the Halloween mood.
Jason doesn't get these colors in California
Covered bridge collage
Hart Bridge
     Our destination was the small town of Cornwall. What made this town significant from the others in the Northwestern corner of Connecticut was the Hart Bridge, which spans across the Housatonic River. Jason and I had never seen a covered bridge and it is something that is sure to become associated with Connecticut even though they do exist elsewhere. We had fun viewing the bridge from different perspectives, even risking the narrow walk through it to the other side searching for the best photo op. We also walked around the town, which had fun little shops and a farmer’s market.
1/4 mile alongside the waterfall
We hiked all 5 tiers
     We then drove to Kent Falls State Park and hiked alongside a five-tier waterfall. The end of the hike gave us a beautiful view of the valley and the actual beginning of the waterfall. We lingered a little longer and Jason tried to get as close to the edge as possible. Shocker! It was a very tranquil kind of day that Jason and I were able to spend some quality time away from the fast paced lifestyle we’ve been living in New York.
The one on the bottom right was my favorite tier
He just can't stand still

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Jill said...

Danielle, I just love seeing what you guys are up to on your blog! I love that you go looking for adventures and stuff to do every weekend. And seeing you with your cute hubby, loving life and chasing your goals, makes me smile so much. I feel like you are living the "happily ever after" from all the fairy tales. Of course, you deserve it. Hugs to you!