March 9, 2012

our perfect day.

    Jason and I were married on August 13, 2012. I can honestly say that it was the best day of my life and I wouldn't change one thing about it. We were so grateful for all of the support and love we felt that day. We could not have had a more perfect day without the help of our parents and all those who helped with our wedding. We had so much fun being with everyone we love and we are probably one of the few people that can say it was all captured perfectly by our amazing photographer, Jean Smith. Enjoy!!

Mr. and Mrs. Cowles

Just taking a break from all the kissy poses

Jason's favorite

Our temple

Cut me another slice

Jason jokes that this is a Nike ad

He is so adorable

I'm grateful our friends could be here to share this day with us

GQ poses

I loved seeing Jason with his friends

The groomsmen
The bridesmaids

Plum Hollow Country Club was the perfect place to take pictures

Sam is definitely next or the only one left

None of this could have been possible without her

The newest additions to my family

I love all my friends

"Watch the feet Jay"

"Butterfly Kisses"


Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" 

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