March 5, 2012

once there was a snowman.

Before we had these past few days of crazy snow, Jason and I had to drive to the snow to play in it. A few weekends ago, our buddy Ryan came up from Provo to visit us and Rex. I was so excited for our weekend together (and I had some time to kill) that I made cupcakes! They turned out perfectly and they were delicious. I was excited to make something and share it with people so Jason and I didn’t have 24 cupcakes staring at us all week.
Saturday, we woke up early to head to Grand Targhee in Wyoming (only an hour drive) to do some snowboarding. After getting bundled up, we split so Jase and I could start on the green run again (easy). I actually did really well this time. I kept following the same path every time, but at least I didn’t fall.

I think this face means I'm cold.
Later, the boys convinced me to try a blue run (difficult). I didn’t freak out too much, until I got to the top of the tall, tall hill. It was really hard to see way up there because it was snowing really hard and kind of foggy. The paths were a lot more narrow leading to the top of the actual slope. When Jason sat at the ledge, I thought he was joking. I couldn’t believe people could go down a slope so steep. After watching Jason go first, I sat on my bum and tried to stand up, but I ended up sliding down a few feet before actually getting up. I made it all the way down without wiping out – what an accomplishment! Overall, we had a fantastic time at Targhee and it was fun to go with friends this time.

Another weekend, Jason wanted to build a snowman really bad. Again, at this time there wasn’t any snow by us at all. We ended up driving a little past Ashton until we found huge piles of snow. We weren’t sure of the best place to stop and build, so we pulled over next to a Targhee National Park sign – we figured we’d be safe there. We wanted to play in the snow closer to the woods, but when we tried walking toward them, our entire lower body sunk into the snow – so we stayed near the sign. The snow was not very good packing snow, but we tried our best to make ol’ Frosty. I’m pretty sure it was at least 20 degrees colder there than in Rexburg because my fingers were frozen. After a long struggle, we managed to make a 1 foot tall snowman. We toped him off with the things from our snowman kit, took a picture, and drove to get some nice hot… oops, I mean cold root beer floats (we can’t drive through Ashton and not go to Frostop’s for their awesome floats and fries). Even without the snow, it's still freezing here and I'm ready for the spring time.

He's pretty cute
Haha the size comparison to the sign.
Mmm. . .

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