February 27, 2012

simple love.

           This Valentine’s Day was a little different than those in the past. My favorite memory happened in a first grade classroom. This semester, I had the opportunity to “work” in a 1st grade class twice a week for almost two hours. In this class, I helped some of the struggling readers by working on high frequency words (words we use/see every day) and listening to them read or assessing them. I immediately fell in love with these kids. They were all so sweet, some stubborn, but mostly sweet.

            February 14th (Valentine’s Day) was my last day with the students. I was so sad for this day to come, but I was also excited because I had all my valentines together and ready to hand out. While the kids and I were putting our valentines in each other’s bags, some of the kids came up to me and very enthusiastically told me that they put a valentine in my bag. I (very enthusiastically) said “Thank you!” back.
That's right, Phineas and Ferb aka Perry the Platypus
I added the best suckers ever!

My Valentine bag :)
You can tell some of the students have "pinterest" moms.
    Before I left and said goodbye, my “cooperating teacher” told all of the kids that it was my last time and that she handed me a children’s picture book that they had all signed. Wow, I’m going to have a problem when I’m a teacher because I got all teary-eyed. I’m a softie. I was so sad walking down the hall for the last time with my book and valentines in hand.

            Jason and I didn’t really do anything extravagant for V-Day. I wish Valentine’s Day would magically fall on a Friday or Saturday every year. How are we supposed to find any free time on a Tuesday when Jason works until 8 o’clock and I have a ridiculous amount of homework? Anyway, after a few changed plans, Jason and I ended up going to Gringo’s, a Mexican restaurant in town that we really only go to for the chips and salsa. We exchanged mushy cards saying how much we loved each other and how much fun the last 6 months of our marriage have been – that’s all that really matters.
The one I got for Jason sang "Umbrella" by Rihanna. He loved it. (I got him the tootsie rolls too)

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