September 12, 2011

at last.

The Detroit Temple
After a long, nine month engagement, Jason and I were finally married on August 13, 2011! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! We were married in the Detroit Michigan Temple on a Saturday morning. When I walked into that room and looked around at our families and church members who all meant so much to me, I immediately started crying. I was so glad that I had Jason next to me and his hand to squeeze. During the ceremony, I could hardly look at Jason kneeling across from me because both he and I were just bawling our eyes out with tears of joy, happiness, and love.

After we hugged everyone and thanked them for coming to support us and crying some more, Jason and I signed our marriage license and walked out of the temple as a married couple with giant smiles on our faces and excitement in our hearts. Waiting outside were our loved ones waiting to take picture upon picture and cheer for us as we exited the temple. If I have ever felt like a celebrity in my lifetime, it was definitely the day of my wedding. But isn’t that how it’s supposed to be— for the bride to feel like a princess? Well, I certainly did.
Our first picture as a married couple
We took photos at the Detroit Temple with Jean Smith and we were filmed by Rex Warner. Jean was such a fun photographer! She was so cute and easy to work with. I just know that we are going to be very satisfied with her work and I promise to get her pictures posted for everyone to see as soon as we receive them. Rex is a friend of mine and Jason’s who has done wedding films before and his work is just great! We were very happy with the way our video turned out that we ended up showing at the California reception.

We then proceeded to the place of reception: Plum Hollow Country Club. Doesn’t the name just sound like a place from a fairy tale? The club was absolutely beautiful inside and out. We rode around on golf carts and took pictures throughout the course. I had so much fun with the bridal party!

Our bridesmaids were Brooke Koster and Betsy English (two of my roommates from school that I just adore) and Jessica Cowles. Our groomsmen were Chase Renick (a buddy from Jason’s mission) Ryan Schoessow (Jason’s good friend from high school and church) and my older brother Sam. Jason and I had so much fun getting to know each of these people even better as we all hung out that weekend.

We had a small, ring ceremony on the patio of the club for the friends and family who were unable to watch the temple ceremony. Here, Jason and I said a few words to each other about why we fell in love and what we look forward to in the future. I cried, once again, when I saw that my friends from high school (some of which I haven’t seen since graduation) were all there to support me.

We were very blessed that the weather was on our side that day. We had heard there were supposed to be some showers throughout the day, but I never saw one drop while I was outside. It was clear to me that God was watching out for us because as soon as our outdoor ceremony was over and we all sat down to eat, it started pouring! It honestly looked like a hurricane outside. It was a miracle that our timing was so perfect.

The reception was so much fun! The food was amazing, as well as the cake. While we were cutting the cake, I had to have someone take me step-by-step on how to cut it which was a little  embarrassing. My dad, Brooke, and Chase gave speeches that were very heart-felt and so sweet. Jase and I danced to Jack Johnson’s Better Together and each danced with our dad or mom. Our bridal party and parents were then introduced and started up the dancing. I have always loved dancing so once I was up, I never sat down. I loved dancing with my high school friends again and everyone else that was there. I just had a blast. And our dj, Marc, was amazing!

As our guests started to leave and Jason and I became more and more exhausted by the minute, we said our goodbyes and left in our limo. Jason's parents set us up for our first night as a married couple at The Henry Hotel, which used to be a Ritz Carlton! It was absolutely gorgeous! In our room, we were surprised with chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) and sparkling cider. Our wedding day was beyond perfect. I could not have asked for anything more. I’m so grateful for all the effort and time and thought that was put into such a great day. This will be a day that I will never forget. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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