July 6, 2011

engagement pictures.

Wardrobe change #1
     So, I promised a while ago that I would post mine and Jason's engagement photos— sorry it has taken me so long, but here they are! We took our photos in Idaho Falls with Brittany Hambrick of Vintage Road Photographers. We had so much fun taking them even though it was quite windy and I may or may not have stepped in mud with my cutest sandals. Feel free to notice the awesome outfits that I took time to coordinate. Enjoy!
Some kissing pictures for Dad
Wardrobe change #2
Among these railroad pictures are our favorites
Wardrobe change #3 
We had fun being photographed 


RoseMarie said...

You guys are amazing. What beautiful and fun pictures you have. These are really timeless! I'm loving just sitting here at my computer and watching you grow in to the beautiful woman you've become. Love you!

Danielle Garber said...

Thank you so much Sister Devor :)

Jill said...

Sooooooooooper cute!!

Danielle Garber said...

Thanks :D

phalonjoy said...

beautiful! :)

Lindsay G said...

LOVE these! Love the outfits;) You guys look great!

Brooke Koster said...

I just love you two with all my heart.