July 24, 2013

what art these?

    This past weekend, Jason came home to New York for a short visit. On one of our days together, we decided to go somewhere different, but close by. We decided to make the journey along the Hudson to New Windsor, NY and check out The Storm King Art Center. Basically, Storm King is a gigantic sculpture park that contains modern art pieces spread over 500 acres of meadow. Jason and I planned on renting bikes to ride throughout the park, but of course the day we decide to go they are rented out for an event. No bother, we had just as much fun walking from art piece to art piece. The giant, open fields made it almost impossible for me not to do a cartwheel between sculptures. I can’t believe I even convinced Jason to do one too. It was also fun to ask each other what we thought some of the art looked like—with modern art, you never know what the artist was thinking.
Butterfly Chair (made of half-dollars)
Mon père, Mon père: Jason thought this one looked like an oil derrick
Beethoven's Quartet: I've still got it
Pyramidian: clearly Jason doesn't have the cartwheel skills I do

    We liked some sculptures more than others. We especially liked the ones that we were encouraged to touch like sitting in The Half-Dollar Butterfly Chair made of 1,500 welded half-dollars. Our favorite piece was fittingly named Beethoven’s Quartet, which provided a rubber mallet for the participant to bang on the metal art piece to create music. I’m not really sure about the music part, but we both had fun with our hammertime. 
Making "music"
Jason thought he was Thor
    One of Jason’s favorite pieces was Andy Goldsworthy’s 5 Men, 17 Days, 15 Boulders, 1 Wall. He had previously watched a documentary that included the making of this wall and didn’t even know it was at Storm King. Jason and I admired the beauty in its snake shape that continuously wound through the tall trees. The shade alone made it worthwhile.
5 Men, 17 Days, 15 Boulders, 1 Wall

We loved how the wall curved around each tree
I look tall on that hill

    I loved the layout of the outdoor art center and how all the artwork was randomly placed in the fields and on the hills, but on this hot day, I wished the pieces were closer together. After an amazing visit, we escaped from the hot sun, chugged some cold water, and headed home.
Three Legged Buddha
Just checkin' him out
Three Legged Buddha
Endless Column
Jason prefers the name Zigzag

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