April 2, 2012

another year passes, another adventure begins.

     Thursday March 29th was Jason’s 25th Birthday. He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea that he could consider  his life being a quarter of the way over. You could say he was having a mini quarter-life-crisis. I told him he was silly and that New York doesn’t want boys there; it wants men. 

     Being that we are visiting New York in a week, we didn’t do anything extravagant for his special day this year (we’ll have a combined fun time in NY for both of our b-days). I did however create a theme with Jason’s gifts. What was the theme, you ask? New York, duh! I bought him a wallet made from a map of the bus lines in New York – it’s kind of cool, but I’m guessing it won’t last long since it’s made out of paper. I also got him a book 1,000 things to do in New York – this book isn’t like the other travel books; it includes ALL of the little things to do in New York, not just the typical touristy things. And finally, I got him a New York University T-shirt straight from the NYU bookstore. Yeah, he loved it. Oh, I also made an awesome card. I was pretty proud of my New York skyline pop-out card.
     The only way to convince Jason to go out to dinner was to go a restaurant that was showing the Lakers game; so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings – not my favorite place, but better than Applebee’s (our only option in town). Our waitress wouldn’t sing to Jason, but she was kind enough to bring him ice cream with caramel and chocolate (two spoons) and a balloon. 
     Side note: We were a few days late, but I made a cheesecake (box mix, people; who are we kidding) that Jason's mom sent for Jason's Birthday cake. He made my heart break a little bit when he said, "I didn't blow out any candles this year". Well, I wasn't going to let him down.

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