January 10, 2012

Christmas in the Sunshine? (Pt. 2)

For Christmas Eve, we as a family were invited to a party at a Church member’s home with a few other families. Yay! I love parties! We sat around a chatted for a little while before we all sat down to dinner. I enjoyed getting to know more people that Jason has grown up around. We were also given the pleasure to listen to a Christmas story. Before we all went to bed that night, mom gave us all Christmas PJ’s! This is a tradition I had heard of people doing and I love it and I plan on doing in the future.

Christmas morning was so much fun! I felt a little spoiled by the Cowles family. I was so excited to give Jason his gift! (and I was excited to receive his). It’s funny that we both knew what we were getting each other. He got me a pink iPod nano! I got him Beats by Dr. Dre headphones – he loved them! When we were finished, we headed to Grandpa Bob and Grandma Peggy’s house to visit mom’s family. Jason and I were excited to try out our new toys on the car ride there. We had fun catching up with everyone at Grandpa’s and eating a wonderful ham dinner.
Just woke up in our Christmas PJ's
Stockings! Even Sandy had one! (on the left)
She's so spoiled.
Yeah, she's adorable.
My iPod!
I don't know who was more excited.
We think we're cool.
The day after Christmas we went to Temecula to visit dad’s brother and family. We loved seeing KC and Brookie and their adorable kids and also Kerri and Ryan and their fun kids. I really enjoyed talking with everyone and getting to know them better. It’s funny being around a bunch of young kids since I don’t really have the chance to be unless I’m babysitting back home. I forget how worn out I get, yet how entertaining they can be. I loved holding little Jack and making him smile, playing marbles and tennis with Ethan, and of course watching Owen sing and play the guitar.
The view of Elsinore, CA on the way to Temecula
I was dying in this sweater the day after Christmas. . .
On Tuesday, Jason, Ryan, and I went to LA. We ate lunch at a really great Pizza place called Johnnie’s NY Pizzeria (my suggestion). After awesome pizza and bread, we went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). I love modern art, although some of it is really weird and not what I would consider art at all . . . My favorite piece was the giant, blue balloon dog made of stainless steel! There was also art from well-known artists such as Picasso, which I loved since I just did a project on him. After spending a few hours there visiting each of the buildings and looking at countless paintings and displays, we went to Venice Beach . . . don’t go there at night. It was a huge strip of tattoo parlors, hookah things, and places to get a medical marijuana card. There were also people lined up selling their art or handmade jewelry. I just felt really out of place. The only time I felt safe was when we were walking behind one of three police cars telling the people to close up their stands. I was happy to go back to the car. Driving through the city, however; I think I would’ve liked the other parts of the city – those shops had clothes and normal things.


Outside of La Brea Tar Pits
Corn Flakes!
I know, right??

Biggest elevator I've ever been in.
There were toy cars going around and around this thing. Like, a ton. It was pretty awesome.
I giant comb! 
Jason really liked this picture.
Ryan! in front of the museum.

Parts of the Berlin Wall outside of another museum.

Venice Beach (at least the sunset was pretty)

Our last day we just chilled, took one last trip to the mall, played apples to apples with Ryan and mom, and went to Panera - the best place for soup and sandwiches and my favorite bagel (they don’t have Panera in Idaho). We hated packing up to go home and thinking about going back to work and school, but enjoyed thinking back to everything we did in those ten days visiting with family and friends. 

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